Phoenix One Games
Phoenix One Games is a game development company based in San Francisco.
Phoenix One Games
We believe in building fun, innovative and social strategy games that are enriching and enjoyable when played with friends and family. We want to bring gamers’ dreams to life on mobile devices.

Gamers at Heart

With significant gaming and art experience from top publishers such as Kabam, Zynga, Blizzard and E.A., our team consistently pushes the boundaries of both creative and technical innovation. We don't shy from putting R&D into developing technology that gamers dream of but have never seen implemented before. Our team focuses on creating games that produce a compelling and engaging experience for our users and keeps them coming back.

Multiplayer on mobile

Guardian Kingdoms is an original fantasy genre base builder / strategy multiplayer mobile game. It features our unique innovative technology that allows for synchronous multiplayer co-op game play (multiple players can join the same fight and play together in real-time).