The Prophecy

"When the sky burns and red stars falls, the last light of Illyria shall fade."

- the Oracle

Legend tells of a great hero coming to age, a guardian with the power to unite the divided people of Illyria. Together, they will finally defeat the forces of Chaos, and lead the kingdoms into an age of peace.

The Past

The world of Illyria was consumed by the first Chaos War. The Valkyries and Chaos Legion battled endlessly, until both sides were completely decimated. The world was left in a dark age, known as the Desolation.

The kings and queens of the Great Kingdoms sought an answer to protect their people from the destruction of another Chaos War. Their magecrafters had stumbled upon a way to use Star Crystals in a novel way, capable of storing and unleashing immeasureable power. Thus began the arms race to amass Star Crystals, rare resources fallen from the sky.


Unbeknownst to the humans however, the red forms of the Star Crystals were corrupting and destructive. Too late for their discoverers, the Great Kingdoms fell one by one, succumbing to the great powers of the blood red crystals. Their rulers, once the saviors of humanity, became the very darkness that they were trying to prevent. Consuming the raw energy from the red gems, they warped into physical manifestations of power, growing endlessly with each crystal collected. Thus the first of the Ancients first came into being - enormous Titans, beings created from the twisted and malformed ambitions of the human rulers. Hungry for power, their red armies wandered the world of Illyria, destroying all they once protected.


The Sky Kingdoms, led by Valeria the Lightbringer, were the last ditch effort to save humanity. Banding together and putting aside their differences, the last of the humans and Valkyires used the remaining uncorrupted Star Crystals to raise entire mountains to the sky.

Using the Star Crystals as the cores of their Guardian Castles, the Kingdoms took flight. Carrying the surviving humans and Valkyries, these flying fortresses were able to escape from the corrupted Lower World and the wrath of the Ancients.

In the skies civilization was reborn, and Illyria welcomed an era of relative solace.

The Present

The last Valkyrie Seer, known as Oracle, has long spoken of a great hero who will lead the Kingdoms to glory and bring true peace to Illyria.

A series of unexplainable events have forced the prophecy into motion.

The burning skies and red starfall, both never before seen, have heralded the return of the Chaos Legion. The Ancients, once believed to be independent of any outside influence, have been seen working together with the Legion in the Lower World. Together, they have found a way to reach the kingdoms that were once beyond their reach.

Valeria, the Lightbringer, has sounded a call to arms to all Guardians. Now vulnerable to the darkness, the humans must unite in order to save the Kingdoms.

Are you that hero?

Guardians have joined in the battle for Illyria. Guardians have come across from all across the world – recruiting powerful Champions from all races and training troops to fight on behalf of their kingdoms.