Ranged ◆ Valkyrie


  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Support
  • Abilities

    Death Orb

    Orb that flies through enemies and deals massive damage


    Tempest's Fury

    Each projectile has knockback.

Champion Story

Royal Adviser. Soothsayer. Herald of the Storm. Tempest had held many titles over his years in the Royal Court, but none irked him like his most recent: Mad Prophet.

Having seen the coming of the chaos caused by the Dragon Stones within the churning waves of his scrying pool, he had immediately set out to advise the King of the coming threat and raise an army in preparation. Unfortunately his contemporaries met him with derision and his warning fell on deaf ears.

So it was that Tempest felt he had but one choice, to strike out in search of allies to face the coming doom.

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