Support ◆ Berserker


  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Support
  • Abilities

    Nature's Bulwark

    Summons indestructible trees and stuns enemies.


    Razor Thorns

    Enemies that deal damage to Aeria take return damage.

Champion Story

Aeria is a forest berserker whose wild blood-magic calls on all the flora and fauna of Illyria. Her symbiotic relationship with nature grants her the ability to draw upon the world itself for power - there is no lack of mana where there is life.

However, a strange darkness has risen foreshadowed by the red Starfall. Blasted swaths of Illyria are now devoid of any natural life, unable to regrow and recover. The silent screams of Gaiea have drawn Aeria from her idyllic forest homeland, sending her on a journey to stop to the pestilence of the Chaos Stones.

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