Tank ◆ Valkyrie


  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Support
  • Abilities

    Black Sun

    Stuns units and deals massive AoE Damage.


    Reforged Armor

    Bonus armor. Each attack has knockback

Champion Story

The dark war knight, known as the Deathbringer, is a demonic construct forged from the soul of a fallen Valkyrie Champion. Shattered and reformed over and over by demon magesmiths, Deathbringer becomes even more powerful with each death and resurrection. While he still retains the nobility of his former mind, the torment and trauma of countless deaths have twisted his sense of duty and honor into something much more sinister.

Deathbringer is able to channel a miniature nethervoid by absorbing all the life energy in a small area. Compelled by his inner desire to share suffering and darkness with all living things, he is drawn to the Star Crystals, for they are often surrounded by humans and animals alike.

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