Melee ◆ Human


  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Support
  • Abilities

    Perfect Darkness

    Warps to target, deals massive damage. Creates shadow clones before warping back.


    Shadow Fury

    Bonus attack damage.

Champion Story

Wherever there is light there is shadow. The Assassin's Order has sent its prodigy, a mischievous girl only known as Raven, to investigate the recent starfall around the world. Although her true motives are always carefully concealed, her shared goal plus large amounts of treasure will ensure her loyalty for the time being.

Raven has the ability to seem like she is in many places at once, which allows her to play pranks on unsuspecting foes before she dispatches them. Even her friends and allies are never quite sure if they are talking to the real Raven.

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