Melee ◆ Human


  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Support
  • Abilities

    Reign of Blades

    Strider Dashes several times and deals high damage.



    Every third attack does AoE and knockback.

Champion Story

Strider is the mysterious young Storm King, but in name only. As his besieged kingdom fell to the forces of Chaos, Strider's father secretly sent his son away to safety. Strider carries the legendary greatsword known as "Stormguard," and is the only person able to wield the shattered blade, which becomes whole again under his command. His powers are unparalleled, but his technique can sometimes still be unorthodox and unrefined.

Strider was raised from childhood to retake his fallen kingdom and has trained and traveled in every kingdom to prepare himself for this day. Now that his training is nearing completion, Strider and his companions are traveling to the 'Lower World' to cleanse it of all evil.

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