Melee ◆ Berserker


  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Support
  • Abilities

    Polar Vortex

    Draws in targets and deals massive AoE damage.


    Dominating Force

    Self heals over time.

Champion Story

Very few dare utter Tyrion's true name in his presence. The leader of the Northern Berserkers is feared across the Great Kingdoms for not only his incredible power in war but also for his tact and cunning in both politics and diplomacy.

The Northern Berserkers' veins are hardened by the surging power within their blood and their superhuman strength and resilience are matched with an incredible rate of regeneration. It is not unheard of for a Berserker to fall before a seemingly mortal strike only to return to action before the battle has even ended.

This so-called King of the North bears deep scars from battle wounds that no other Berserker has ever survived. Although nearly cleaved in half by an Icewyrm, Tyrion continued his relentless assault until he was whole again. From the bones of this creature, he built his throne and united the entire North.

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